CMD S-800. Wire-cutters with hydraulic positioning system and electronic control of advance (model for granite with inverter).
CMD Automatic. Wire-cutter for mountain cuts and block squaring. Extremely simple, safe, strong and efficient. Minimun maintenance.
CMD S600. Wire-cutter for squaring, thick slab cutting and small mountain cuts. Characterised by lightness and versatility. It can be used for general building work.
CMD Edil. Wire-cutter for general building work (such as wall and ceiling cuts) equipped with electronic control of wire speed. It is a light and versatile machine which can be used also in very small working places.

We can supply wire-cutters of any model, size and power according to the needs of Clients and to features of the stones to be processed. All our machines are working succesfully in many Countries all over the world. Please contact us for further information.